service Terms

Thank you for choosing PushCam! Before you use of our services (the “Services”), please kindly read this Service Policy to understand better of the rights as well as the obligations of you and PushCam in details. We are very concerned about the using experiences and the rights of every user. Our Services will be provided subject to this Service Policy. Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Acknowledgement and Acceptance

  • Upon your registration as the member of PushCam or upon the use of our Services, you are deemed to have read, acknowledged and agreed all the terms of this Service Policy.
  • PushCam has the right to amend, revise or change any of the term herein, as well as to revise or cease the Services from time to time, without the obligation of notice to the users.
  • Please kindly be noted that you are deemed to have read, acknowledged and agreed with any amendment or revision of the terms hereof if you keep using the Services after such amendment or revision.

Registration & Signing in

  • You may use our Services through your Google+ or Facebook account directly and no registration in particular is required. You shall promise that the personal information provided to us is correct, genuine, and most-updated and you shall not double register or use fraudulent account.
  • When you sign in, we will identify you with your account information in order to prevent any unauthorized access to your account by a third party.
  • You need to keep your personal data accurate and up to date so that we may provide the best services at any time.
  • We have the right to change the registration/sign-in process, and to integrate the platform at any time.

Member’s Account, Password and Security

  • You shall be solely responsible for the security and preservation of the account and the password you use to sign in PushCam. Access to our website after passing the identity check with the accurate account and password will be deemed as access by the user himself/herself. We shall not be responsible of supervision for the access which passes the identity check. For avoidance of doubt, please kindly be noted that we will not disclose your personal information including the member’s account, password, and etc. to any third party unless consented/instructed by you in advance or requested to disclose such information upon the receipt of the order or request from any governmental, judicial or administrative authority for the reasonable and/or legal purposes.
  • Your membership, account and password exclusively belong to you and for your use only. You may not borrow, assign or share such to or with any third party.
  • If your account and/or password have been stolen, or if you have any question regarding the safety of information, please contact with our Customer Service Center instantly.
  • PushCam shall not be liable for any of your damage/loss incurred from misuse, or fraudulent use by another person when PushCam has fulfilled responsibility of checking.

Authorization to PushCam

  • You shall be solely responsible for any issue or dispute arising from the materials you post on PushCam (including any picture, image, video, text and etc); you promise that you have the entire rights or have obtained the license of such materials.
  • You agree that PushCam may reasonably collect, process, preserve, transfer and use the materials provided by you, for the purposes of maintenance of member statics, web analysis by PushCam or a third party, and for any lawful reasonable commercial or non-commercial uses.
  • You hereby grant PushCam the non-exclusive, world-wide, separable, and transferrable rights to use, copy, distribute, publish, make derivative works of, display, adapt the materials mentioning or involving PushCam, in part or in whole, and to provide online version, transmit and process, promote or publish the digital version of such materials, via any media, for the business needs of PushCam (or the successor and the related parties).
  • You also agree that any other PushCam users may watch the materials you post on PushCam and they may further use, copy, distribute, display, publish, provide online digital version thereof pursuant to this Service Policy, and the removal or deletion of the materials later will not affect the uses prior to the removal/deletion.
  • You acknowledge and permanently and irrevocably permit that PushCam may preserve a copy of the materials upon posting despite that they are removed or deleted later. PushCam will not disclose, display, publicly transmit, or provide any third party to use such materials without your prior consent unless being requested by any governmental, judicial or administrative order.
  • You further promise that you will not use/post any materials which you do not own the rights of or you have not obtained the license thereof on PushCam, and the materials you use/post shall not infringe the copyright or any exclusive right of a third party. You are deemed to have unconditionally granted PushCam to use, revise, reproduce, remove, delete, public broadcast, adapt, distribute, publish or publicly release the materials upon posting. You have no objection to PushCam’s transfer or assignment of the aforementioned rights to a third person.
  • You shall hold PushCam harmless against any damage, loss, suits, proceedings, claims by a third party regarding the intellectual property rights arising from the use, revision, reproduction, remove, delete, public broadcasting, adaption, distribution, publication, public release by PushCam of the materials you posted, or otherwise, you shall compensate PushCam for such damage or loss.

Cancellation & Termination

  • You agree that for the purpose of maintenance of the platform, PushCam may take the following actions due to any reason, including without limitation, your lake of use or misuse of the Services/account, or violation to our policies or purposes of the Services: to cancel your account; to cease your use of the Services; to remove or delete any part of the “Member’s Info”; and to terminate part or all of the Services at any time upon notification to you. You further agree that you will not make any claim against PushCam under the above situations.

Service Interruption

We may interrupt or change the Services of PushCam under the below situations:
  • Maintenance or and construction of our website and equipment;
  • Occurrence of sudden failure of electronic communication equipment; and
  • Nature disasters or other force majeure not attributable to PushCam.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction

  • This Service Policy and any dispute arising here from shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws and regulations of R.O.C. You agree that the Taipei District Court shall be the court of first instance.
  • You promise you will not use our Services in any illegal way for illegal purposes and you will comply with the laws and regulations of R.O.C. and any international practice of use of Internet.
  • If you are not a R.O.C. user, you shall comply with the laws of regulations of your nation or region when using the Services.