service Community Guidelines

PushCam is a community belongs to you. Everything on PushCam is cohesively created by all users. Therefore, we deeply appreciate your compliance with our Community Guidelines below to improve, maintain, and protect this community.

General Terms

Play hard, cool and nice!

It’s cool that we could do almost everything on the Internet, thanks to the conveniences it brings to us! But it cuts both ways because the Internet is sometimes misused by people to insult or harass others without much of the responsibility for their behaviors or speeches. PushCam trusts in the goodness of people, respects every user, and insists that the users should do the same. You are free to share, interact with other users, give your supports or constructive advices to them even if you do not agree with their points of view. Whatever you do, please play nice. We do not tolerate any behavior like defamation of, affront to or attack on other users and their rights of speech. Every user should be responsible for his/her speeches and actions.

Keep the harmony of this place!

PushCam is a community for everyone. We encourage your sharing of every moment of your life, seemy images, messages, or texts that will disturb the use of others. Further, please be noted t what others have to share, or create your own community. But please be reminded that it’s not allowed to send spamhat we may remove the materials which involve or might have infringed the intellectual property rights of any third person or is used for commercial purposes. If you want to know more about how we cope with the disputed materials, please find the chapters: Intellectual Property Rights and No Commercial Use below.

Rules of Posting

What you could post on PushCam:

  • The images/materials you create, adapt or edit with your car driving recorder or other 3C products, which you own the entire rights (especially the intellectual property rights) of, in the format, capacity and rules required by PushCam.
  • Who says the driving records could not be fun! We welcome you to explore the splendidness of every ordinary day in our lives and show more creativity to make the moments more fun! Check out our website and find those interesting, heartwarming, exciting moments here on our website! (See our categories.)
  • If you need any special assistance from us, such as obscuring the license plates, automatic reporting, or image search, please read our Service Policy.

What we don’t welcome on PushCam:

  • Defamatory, abusive, threatening, offensive, indecent, obscene, false, or illegal materials or those contrary to public order and morality;
  • Promotional or commercial advertisements or messages not approved by PushCam to be distributed in advance; and
  • Materials which infringe or might infringe the reputation, privacy, trade secrets, trademark rights, copyrights, patent rights, and/or any right of PushCam or of any person.

To keep this community a fun and free place to the public, you agree not to:

  • distribute any image, video, text, or address any speech which might violate the laws or infringe the rights of any person;
  • use a name or account not yours;
  • transmit or distribute computer viruses;
  • use our services for commercial purposes not approved by PushCam in advance;
  • do any behavior causes confusions, unpleasantness, or aversion to others ; and
  • do any behavior contrary to our spirits or creeds or any behavior deemed not appropriate by us.

Intellectual Property Rights

  • Any and all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to, trademark, patent, copyright, trade secret, know-hows, of the contents of PushCam or the software and programs used by PushCam are the properties of PushCam or their respective owners.
  • No one is permitted to use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, adapt, distribute, publish, display, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the contents, software, programs of PushCam or their respective owners without the prior written consents.
  • PushCam highly values and endeavors to protect the intellectual property rights. Therefore, you are requested to observe the obligations regarding the protection of IP rights under the relevant terms hereof. In the event that you breach any terms hereof, you shall compensate the damage or loss of PushCam incurred therefrom.
  • PushCam may cease all or part of its services provided to you or cancel your account, if PushCam becomes aware of any breach to the terms hereof.
  • If you find any infringement to your IP rights, please contact PushCam immediately with a description of such infringement, your contact information, and a statement stating that the content of the description is genuine and you are the lawful owner of such rights.

No Commercial Use

PushCam is a platform especially for sharing driving records. We disallow any user to post spamming materials for any commercial purpose to derogate the quality of this platform and the use of others. The materials posted for commercial purposes shall include but not limited to those:

  • Appeal to sell any product or provide any service;
  • contain implied advertisement or promotion;
  • represent or advertise for any entity;
  • represent or advertise for any product or service;
  • intend to attract the internet traffic to other websites especially the commercial ones; and
  • deemed by us to have commercial purpose or involve monetary value.


Please be noted that we have the right to remove any material including any image, video, text or speech which violates any of the term under this Community Guidelines. Please read Report Misuse to report any potential violation to the Guidelines. If you do not agree our removal of your materials, please feel free to contact us!