faq Q&A

Account Management

Can I browse the website without the member of PushCam?
Yes, everyone can browse videos on PushCam without the membership. However, we strongly recommend you to register on PushCam to get advanced features such as video uploading, event reporting and so on.
How do I become a member on PushCam
Every user can register with your Facebook or Google+ account on PushCam without any charge.
What kind of personal information of Facebook or Google+ account would be collected?
When you use your Facebook or Google+ account to login, PushCam only retrieve the information to verify your identity. PushCam will not share post or retrieve other information without your authorization. Also, you can set your video's permission such as public, private, or anonymous without leaking your information.

Video Upload

What kind of video can be uploaded to PushCam?
PushCam is a platform for dashcam video. We are welcome any dashcame videos to enrich the community. We will remove any non-dashcam video checked by the website administrator or reported by other users.
How to upload video to PushCam?
You can download PushCam App on mobile phone, Desktop program on PC or you can upload videos directly on PushCam website.

Video Sharing

How does "share" do beside the video?
Every video or message would show a "Share" icon for Facebook or Google+. You can share the video or message to certain a social network platform accordingly. Once you click "Share" button, you have licensed to share information via your account on Facebook or Google+.

Video Management

Why has my video been removed?
We will remove immediately any non-dashcam video, and the content disobeyed our community guideline, including illegal image, advertising, violating someone's reputation, privacy or patent, checked by the website administrator or reported by other users.
Why is my video removed without disobeying any rules?
If your video is removed in error, please report this to PushCam. In order to make sure your request is reasonable, please check:
  • Does your video include any illeagal image, advertising information without permitted in advanced by PushCam?
  • Are you the copyright holder of the video?
  • Is the video involved any third-party material without permission?
  • Is the video content violating someone's reputation, privacy, patent or any other related purpose?

Mobile Phone App

Which Platform Does PushCam App Support?
PushCam App supports Android version on Google Play and iOS version on App Store free.
What can I do on PushCam App?
You can download videos from dashcam to mobile phone and upload videos on the phone to Pushcam website. We will develop more features for users, please follow the updates of App or website.
How can I download videos from dashcam to mobile phone?
If you are WF1 owner, you can download PushCam App and follow the instruction on "About PushCam". You can also check the download progress on App. Tips: Mobile phone has to connect with internet access before you upload the videos from mobile phone to website.

Other Questions

What dashcam is compatible with PushCam App?
PushCam support Vico WF1 and everyone can use the App. Just one click to upload videos automatically. The compatible list will be updated on website continually.